Beyond Maintenance

Lawn Rennovation:

Yardmaster has the expertise for installing new lawns or patching up bare spots in existing lawns.  By installing sod or topdressing and over-seeding your yard, Yardmaster can create the healthy lawn you desire.


In order to remove moss, Yardmaster thatches lawns.  This can be the best defense against weeds and moss thereby promoting grass growth and keeping your lawn weed and moss free as possible.

Aeration and seed:

Aeration or “plugging” of the lawn is done once a year.  This oxygenates the root structure of your lawn, while promoting drainage and nutrient absorption.

Seasonal Planting:

We are available for consultation regarding seasonal planting and will work with you to get the yard you are wanting.  Yardmaster can deliver and install hedges, shrubs and trees under  12' as well as annuals and perennials.  From seasonal pansies to an arborvitae hedge, Yardmaster will transplant or install plants in your yard upon request.

Pressure Washing:

Yardmaster offers high power pressure washing of decks, driveways, concrete, asphalt and sidewalks.  We do not offer this service for roofs or houses. 

Seasonal Pruning:

Season pruning is important for fruit and ornamental trees as well as hedges, roses and shrubs.  It encourages healthy growth, maintains an acceptable plant height and provides our customers with the look they want for their yard.  Yardmaster will prune plants up to 25' high and will recommend other companies if the height is above 25' or if plants are over-taking high power lines or near telephone pole mounted transformers.

Bark, Topsoil and Gravel Installations:

Working with local providers, Yardmaster can deliver, spread, and final rake a variety of topsoils, bark, and gravel.


Soil mixes for use in flower and vegetable gardens.

Bark, mulch and compost mixes for weed prevention, plant health and curbside appeal.

Playchips, for playground areas

A 3-4" layer of mulch blocks light and other nutrients to seeds reducing weed growth, while retaining moisture for established plants during dry seasons.