Whether you need someone to mow and edge your lawn or you are planning a large landscape construction project, choosing the right company to work with is vital. Internet searches can help you find landscape companies in your area, but they can also be overwhelming. Ask neighbors and friends for recommendations to help you narrow down your search. Or, if you see a yard you love, consider knocking on their door or leaving a note asking who installed and/or maintains their landscaping. When you do get in contact with a company, make sure to have your ideas or plans written down so that you don’t forget them. You may also want to ask these questions to help you decide if the company is the best fit. 

Is your business a full service or maintenance company?

Full service landscaping companies, like Yardmaster, Inc., provide services like landscape construction, installation, patio construction, retaining wall construction, irrigation installation & maintenance, pruning & seasonal services. Many also provide monthly landscape care, such as mowing and maintenance and snow removal in the winter months.

Maintenance landscaping companies provide fewer services than a full service landscaping company. Maintenance services often include mowing, edging, cleanup (bagging and blowing cut grass), and potentially some seasonal maintenance such as seeding or pruning. 

Do you employ or recommend specialists?

A work crew without specific experience may be able to lay sod, but you will probably need to consult with an arborist if you have needs involving trees. Knowing if the landscape company you are talking to employs specialists or works closely with certain businesses can them meet your needs. 

Do you have photos of similar projects you have completed?

If you are hiring a landscape company for a large project, ask for images and examples of sample projects. This will help you know what to expect and help you understand the company’s experience. 

What is the timeline for completion, are you working with other clients as well?

Landscape companies often have multiple projects in their work schedule. Find out the timeline for completion up front, so there won’t be surprises later. Knowing if a company is also working with other clients simultaneously can help you understand the timeline and understand if the team working on your project will be there daily or not. 

What ideas do you have for my property?

ideas, but a landscape company with years of experience has seen even more ideas than Pinterest & magazines can provide. Ask your potential landscaper what they think, if your ideas will work, if the plan fits the property and if they have additional ideas or suggestions. You may think that the best spot for your apple trees is over there, but they may know from experience that they will flourish in a different setting.

Yardmaster, Inc. is a full service landscaping company. We have served King and Snohomish counties in Washington state for decades. Let’s work together to make your yard beautiful, functional, and enjoyable for years to come. 

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