A well-maintained yard can boost the value of your home, leave a lasting impression, and even increase the lifespan of your trees and shrubs. Whether you DIY or decide to hire a landscaping company, yard maintenance is well it’s investment. Here are 7 reasons why: 


They Can Keep Your Yard Green and Environmentally Friendly

Yard maintenance companies can help improve the health and lifespan of almost everything on your property beyond your front door. They can keep your grass and your environmental footprint green, and your trees and shrubs pruned, and your lawn weeded and irrigated as needed. Landscapers know what the pH of your soil is too low, how often you need mulch and fertilizer, and are there to clean up after a storm. 


They Stay on Top of Your Weeds and Unwanted Critters

Weeds and pests compete with your plants and lawn for space, water, and nutrients that are vital to their survival. Landscapers regularly weed and use the herbicides that are the safest and most appropriate for your landscape. Staying on top of your weeding can be a real pest – especially if you’re not using the right products. With a knowledgeable yard maintenance company at your side, weeds and pests don’t stand a chance. 


They Keep Your Lawn Irrigated

Irrigation supplies your yard with water at appropriate intervals. The time and frequency of irrigation varies according to the type of soil(s) you’re using, season, and the amount of rainfall. If you’re not an irrigation expert, you might be under-watering or overwatering your yard without even knowing it. Doing either can kill your grass, shrubs, and trees, while inviting in unwanted fungus and diseases.


They Maintain the Appropriate pH Level of Your Soil

Most types of turf-grass need a pH between 5.8 and 7.2. When your lawn dips below these levels, your soil becomes too acidic and grass struggles to grow. In their place, common pests, lawn weeds, and diseases can grow in their place.

By using lime, a soil amendment made from limestone rock, landscapers can alter the pH of your soil. Offsetting your lawn’s acidity and making plant nutrients more easily available. As a result, your grass can absorb the nutrients it requires for healthy, beautiful growth. 


They Stay on Top of Fertilization

There are tons of diverging opinions about how often you should fertilize your lawn and with what products. Some of these answers can be answered by the type of grass seed you use and what climate you’re in, but the experts in yard care tend to know best. For example, Jose’s Landscape and YardMaster both recommend using a granular slow-release fertilizer. The granular pellets are easy to measure and spread, while slow-release fertilizers release small, steady amounts of nutrients over time. Ask your yard care specialist which type of fertilizer will work best for you. 


Residential Yard Maintenance Boosts your Home’s Value

Residential yard maintenance can contribute to 28% of the overall value of your home. That’s more than a fourth of home’s total value! With such a sizable portion at stake, you’ll want to make sure that you’re landscape is well-maintained. It’ll be well worth it in the long run. 


They Do the Work So That You Don’t Have to

Residential yard maintenance contractors don’t just do the hard work – they know what hard work needs to be done. Landscapers save you time and money on a DIY project yard care project that could wrong. More importantly, they also let you spend more weekends doing the things you love, like cozying up with a good book or spending time with loved ones. 


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