Adding fruit trees to your landscape is a wonderful way to add beauty, pollinator support, and tasty fruit to your property. Additionally, they can provide shade and can offer a solution to open spaces where full landscaping does not make sense. In Western Washington, there are a variety of factors to consider when choosing and planting fruit trees. A professional landscaper can help you decide what varieties will work well on your property. There are also online resources that specifically relate to Western Washington that can help you choose which trees to plant. 

Types of Fruit Trees

There are a variety of fruit-bearing plants that perform well in the Puget Sound region. While Eastern Washington is known for its apples, it is also possible to grow many varieties on the Western side of the state. Cherries, apricots, and plums are also popular choices. The Western Washington Fruit Research Foundation has cultivated a list of fruit tree varieties for the Puget Sound region. 

When choosing the type of fruit trees to plant, don’t forget to consider your personal taste as well as practical considerations such as height, color, and production. Plum trees may be beautiful and the perfect fit for your yard, but if you don’t like to eat plums, choose something else. 

Where to Plant

Fruit trees are smaller than many other trees found in the Pacific Northwest, but they still require space around and below. Space not only helps the tree flourish but also makes harvesting easier. Extra space around your tree also means you can add deer fencing until the tree is established. If you do not have much space, there are several dwarf varieties of trees you can choose from. 

If you are more interested in fruit trees for their ornamental value and the fruit itself comes second, then planting fruit trees within complex landscape design can be a great way to add height, establish a boundary, or add a light color to a space. 

Pests & Other Considerations

Unless you are in a city or an urban neighborhood, deer can be a nuisance, especially to younger and less established trees. You may want to protect young trees with fencing or other deer deterrents. Raccoons and rabbits can also damage fruit trees. Fungus and bacteria can attack fruit trees, as well as certain insects. You can learn more about these pests from the Western Washington University Extension web page on the topic. 

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